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Frenchy, Ragman and Linda were given a great idea for a new page by Martin Gonzales, a 240th Brother that is still serving his country and will be deployed to Bosnia in late August. Martin asked to have his name and email address put up on the website so others that might recognize his name could contact him by computer. If any member of the 240th AHC would like their name and email address included, please contact either Frenchy, Ragman and/or Linda giving us your permission to add you to the email contact list page.

Steve Beckner

Noel Benavidez
(Son of MOH Recipient, MSG Roy P. Benavidez)

Patrick Dunn
11/1967 to 5/1969

Mark A. Eisenhour
Gold Star Brother
Family of WO James D. Eisenhour , KIA 18 AUG 68

Martin Gonzales
January 68 to January 69

Jon Jay
Maddog CE from November 1968 through October 1969

Paul 'Frenchy LaChance

Linda Luther

Billy Marchetti
CE/Doorgunner, Greyhound White Flight, 69-70

Edward Murtaugh
240th AHC Greyhound Gunner, 67-68

Billy Ryan
Greyhound 23 Aug '70-'71

Pat Schmickrath, Greyhound 24, 1970-1971,
wanted to add his email address for the Return To Sender page.
Pat just retired as a commercial airline pilot and he and his wife are enjoying retirement in Tennessee.

Tom Schuckman
68-69 USARV, aircraft mechanic, Bien Hoa, Phu Loi and Cu Chi
69-70 240th AHC, Greyhound White Flight, Doorgunner

Joe 'Ragman' Tarnovsky

John W. Thrift
White Flight, 1st Platoon 9/67-9/68
Gunner on Greyhound 592, Greyhound 630
Crew Chief on Greyhound 185 (66-16185)

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