Knight In White Flight
Photo of the late Dean "Babe" Wright
from his best friend, Mike Jones

Mike Jones, a close personal friend of Dean 'Babe' Wright, a 240th Brother that was a ce/doorgunner in the Greyhounds, White Flight, from May of 1970 until April of 1971, is seeking information from anyone that knew Dean or the pilot in the photo. Mike considers the 240th websites a godsend, so all the 240th members that sent in their precious memories to share on the websites, can take the credit for bringing some peace to Mike Jones. I couldn't have said it better than Mike so please read his words below and if you can help him, please take the time to email him. Mike, your last statement below brought tears to my eyes and your words mean more than you will ever know. Thanks, Mike, from Ragman, Frenchy and all the 240th Brothers and their families that made contributions to the websites.

On the back of this picture is a caption that reads,
"Real combat troops here drinking coconut milk from oil sample tubes."
This is a picture of Sp/5 Dean Wright and an unknown pilot.
(Dean is the one standing.)
Dean was a crew chief/door gunner with the Greyhounds on White Flight from May '70 to April '71. I believe there were times when he flew C&C. From what I understand, his nickname was 'Babe.' I was his best friend for close to 20 years but he very seldom talked about his tour in the Nam. Even then, I knew more than his family did. Dean passed away Feb. 2000 and left many questions unanswered for his family and I am now trying to find some of those answers to pass on. Joe Ragman and Billy Marchetti have helped me a bunch and I thank them. The 240th website was a godsend. Now I'm asking any of you Mad Dogs or Greyhounds out there (Kennel Keepers too) who might have known Dean or the pilot, to drop me a line with any info you might have. It would be greatly appreciated. Send it to ;
Mike Jones
Thanks guys for putting your Asses on the line
when others were burning the flag.