Hey, Joe, With Gun In Hand
Photos of Joe "Ragman" Tarnovsky

Here's a photo of Ragman/Doyle, down by the Flightline holding a couple of 10 pound warheads. This picture was taken sometime during the summer of 1970, as Ragman is wearing the blue rectangular patch of the Mad Dogs on his uniform and wearing the black scarves with the Mad Dog patch around his neck.

Another day at the office done! Ragman posing for a snapshot after a day of flying. Love that armor plating underneath the gunner's seat! Get a haircut, Ragman/Doyle!

Mad Dogs on the hunt! When I first got to the 240th AHC, they had those long rods attached to our M60's to keep us from bringing the 60 inside the door when your adrenaline was pumping during a firefight. They were a real pain in the neck so we quit using them a short while after I got there.

Ragman/Doyle down by the Mad Dog Shack. The crewchiefs and doorgunners of our fabulous, "Go Greyhounds And Leave The Flying To Us" and the "World Famous Mad Dogs" cleaned and stored our M60's here.

Ragman/Doyle doing a little PM down at Nha Be. I remember the day this picture was taken. Nha Be, the place where, in my humble opinion, I ate the best military chow ever! Hats off and a salute of respect to the Navy cooks there!

Ragman/Doyle standing in front of Mad Dog Gunship 497.

Mad Dog Gunship, 124, heading home after another day in The Nam. The Greyhounds and Mad Dogs were very fortunate to have the men of the Kennel Keepers as our maintenance platoon. Their professionalism, dedication and hard work were second to none! The Hounds and Dogs had to worry about Charlie trying to take us out but we never had to be concerned about the flying condition of our helicopters. Often times the Flight and Gun Platoons would have to limp back to Bearcat after being shot up, but because of the excellent condition of our ships because of the Kennel Keepers, it made the difference between making it home and not crashing and burning! To the officers and men of the Kennel Keepers, the Greyhounds and Mad Dogs render a salute of respect, admiration and gratitude and we THANK YOU!