This patch which was also the company sign, was designed by Major Glenn Hoffman the second Greyhound 6, circa 1966.

Obviously this is a patch that was worn by our fabulous Kennel Keeper Platoon that kept the Greyhounds and Mad Dogs in the air. If anyone knows who designed this patch and what years it was worn, please contact us.

This patch was designed by the First Platoon Leader (name-CRS) and submitted to the XO of the 240th, Jack Revels, Greyhound 5 for approval to be worn by the First Platoon around February of 1971. The patch was designed to honor Major Herman Williams, Greyhound 6 at that time. Our thanks to Jack Revels, Greyhound 5, from October 1970 to July of 1971 for the information on this particular patch. Jack was assigned to the 240th AHC when his Battalion, The 269th CAB stood down at Cu Chi.

Patch worn by Greyhound 24, Pat Schmickrath, 240th AHC 70-71. Jesus wasn't the only one that loved our skids!!

Here's the shoulder crest for the 240th AHC when it was a part of the 214th Combat Aviation Battalion, The Cougars, prior to being a part of the 222nd Aviation Battalion, The SkyMasters. The shoulder crest was sent to us by
CW2 Mike Forrester, Mad Dog 16, 240th AHC, June 1968 to June 1970.

This is our 1st Aviation Brigade Patch on the left and the years our Brigade served, with pride and honor, in the Republic of South Vietnam.

This patch was sent to us by Ben “Gentle Ben” Thompson, Kennel Keeper 3, 240th Assault Helicopter Company, 1968-1969. The patch was made sometime in November of 1968, and it has “Seasons Greetings” on the upper left side and “Things To Do Today” on the bottom right. The patch shows the logo for the 240th AHC SLICKS, the Greyhound, “WRESTLING” with a kangaroo, which represents the outstanding 135thAHC, our neighbors next door at Bearcat, South Vietnam. The kangaroo was chosen because the 135th AHC was comprised of United States Army personnel and from our trusted and valiant allies, the Australians; in this case the Australian Navy. The patch was made into a 2’ by 4’ flag that was flown at the 240th BOQ during happy hour and parties. The Australian Club was nearby and they tried to steal this flag numerous times when it flew. “Gentle Ben” was told after he left South Vietnam, the Australians eventually captured the flag and burned it. Nothing like a little inter-service aviation and allied rivalry to lighten and brighten a day during your tour in South Vietnam. Thanks to Ben “Gentle Ben” Thompson for a copy of the patch and the background and historical information that went along with it and showing we also had some good times and laughs at Bearcat.

Gentle Ben Thompson is now the "keeper" of the flag that Kennel Keeper 6, Bob Portman, 1968-1969, had made up while serving with the 240th AHC. The flag is sitting on the counter in front of Gentle Ben at his vegetable and fruit stand, which is named the Briar Patch, and shows the mascot for the 240th Greyhounds "WRESTLING" with a kangaroo. Bob Portman had this flag made up because right next door to the 240th AHC were the 135th AHC, which consisted of American Army and Australian Navy aviators. Bob Portman use to take the flag to the officer's mess and sit it down on the table for the 135th pilots to see. For some distinct reason, I don't think the 135th pilots appreciated this flag very much!