Greyhound Paperback Writer
Photos From Wayne Mutza

Wayne Mutza served in the 240th AHC in 1971, Greyhound White Flight, CE/Doorgunner, UH-1C l67-17522. We want to thank Wayne for allowing us to make him part of this website, 240th AHC Flightline. Wayne is an accomplished author on military aviation and has written numerous books on the subject, I have several of his books and really enjoy them.

This is a picture of Wayne Mutza in the barracks of White Flight, 240th AHC. Looks like Christmas decorations hanging in the background. Wayne is proudly wearing his Army Crewmember Wings and was also jump qualified as he wears his Parachute Wings on his tiger stripe camo fatigues.

Here's a picture Wayne sent of the 240th AHC crew chiefs and doorgunners of Greyhound White Flight, 1971. From Left to Right: McDowell, Swendrowski, Siller, Fuhrman, Nee, Wayne Mutza, Bixby, John Collier and Thurstrom. Is it any wonder why Charlie didn't want to mess with the Greyhounds of the 240th AHC! When Charlie did decide to engage these guys in a firefight, Charlie came out on the "short end of the stick!" Our Greyhound Lift Platoons were SECOND TO NONE!

Wayne wrote on the back of this picture: 240th AHC "White Flight" UH-1H inserting Thai troops during a combat assault, 1971. Notice debris and smoke from supporting Mad Dog Gunships which had fired rockets just to the right of the SLICK. Shows how close they put in ordinance to protect us. Ragman replies: Thanks for the kind words about the Mad Dogs, Wayne, and our Greyhounds didn't hesitate to do the same for a downed Mad Dog crew!

Here's a great picture sent to us by Wayne of the Mad Dog Shack at the flightline, Camp Bearcat, 1971. The CE's/Gunners of the Mad Dogs and Greyhounds, White and Blue Flight, cleaned and stored their M60's in this building.