240th Assault Helicopter Company
Greyhounds, Mad Dogs and Kennel Keepers

I would like to dedicate this site, the 240th Assault Helicopter Company Flight Line, to all the members and their families for being supportive in preserving the memories and sacrifices that this unit sustained. I am also thankful for the camaraderie, brotherhood and caring we, as members, have for each other.

A very special dedication goes to a member that cared and persisted in his right to carry on those memories. He has a lot of love for the brothers of the 240th AHC and I thank him for his own sacrifices he made personally in the contribution of the 240th AHC websites and reunions. Joe " Ragman " Tarnovsky, I salute and applaud your courage & effort.

Love Ya, My Brother & Partner.

Paul "Frenchy " LaChance, SR.
240th Assault Helicopter Company
R V N Class of 8/67-8/68
Crew Chief/ Line Chief
Greyhounds & Maddogs

We want to welcome everyone to the new website, 240th AHC Flightline, and we hope you will enjoy your visit while you are here. Please take the time to sign our guestbook and give us your suggestions, comments, ideas or constructive criticism. We are currently under construction and will be adding more pages soon. If you have any photos and/or memorabilia that you would like to display and share with others, please contact me and we will create a page for you on this website. We are looking to include as many people as possible to share their memories of their time with the 240th AHC, after all, without the contributions by the members of our unit there wouldn't be a website. Enjoy your time on 240th AHC Flightline and LZ of the 240th AHC. Let us hear from you!

Joe 'Ragman' Tarnovsky
240th AHC
July 69 to October 70.

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