Leaving On A Midnight Freedom Bird
Photos From Hunter Causey

Through the history of the 240th AHC, 1967 until 1971, many men were assigned to our company and there was a lot of hidden talent. Poets, painters, writers, musicians, carpenters, electricians etc. Hunter Causey served with the 240th AHC in 1969 and 1970. Hunter was the company clerk and when he could get the chance, flew as a doorgunner with the flight platoons. Today Hunter is a rural mail carrier in Cartersville, GA and has been doing this for quite a while. We welcome Hunter's contribution to the 240th websites and we are glad to have him with us once again.

Hunter is standing beside the 240th company sign which he painted in 1969. Hunter is asking who painted the first company sign and letting us know he painted this one. Hunter reunited with the 240th at the 2002 Dothan, Alabama reunion. Welcome, Hunter!

An idea is forming and Hunter is starting his project of painting a 240th AHC comapany sign. That is Hunter's truck with a Vietnam Veteran plate on the front.

Hunter is continuing his work on the 240th company sign which he painted for the 240th reunion at Dothan, Alabama. Thanks, Hunter!

The work continues as Hunter brings to life the great 240th Assault Helicopter Company again! The original design for the sign, by Major Glenn Hoffman the first XO and second CO of the company, lives on in the memories of this 240th Brother, Hunter Causey.

Hunter's sign is nearing completion.

When the reunion ended, Frenchy and I checked the hospitality room to make sure every one had retrieved their pictures, memorabilia and other memories from their time in the 240th AHC. I though Hunter had left and took the sign with me back to Parma, Ohio and told Hunter I had taken the sign so it would not be lost. Hunter told me to keep the sign and according to his wishes, will be passed down to "the last man standing" of the 240th AHC. Hunter's sign is proudly displayed on the wall of my shed which is also known as GI Joe's Tavern.