Stuck In The Middle Of Bearcat
Photos From Nam Brothers

Ragman is sitting in the cockpit of a Thai SkyCobra, OH-13, at the Bearcat airfield. The SkyCobra's were the aviation branch of the Thai troops stationed at Bearcat.

This Mad Dog nose art was on front of Joe 'Ragman' Tarnovsky's gunship, 497. Ragman's Thai friend, Sitone, repainted a lot of the nose art on the Mad Dog gunships. Mad Dog 32 was CW2 Rick Moore. Thanks to Bill Marchetti for sending the photo.

Here's an early aerial shot of Bearcat and this was sent to us by Jerry "Straw Dog" Barney who served with the 9th Infantry Division, 9th Signal BN, Company A, 1st Platoon. Jerry was in this unit from its inception at Fort Riley, KS in 1966. He was one of the early GRUNTS at Bearcat and helped to hack the base out of the jungle in 66-67. Later Jerry's unit was infused with the 53rd Signal BN and was attached to the 199th LIB. This picture was taken in early 1967 by Jerry from the antenna tower at Bearcat, which he believes was located on the SE edge of the camp. Can't make out the tailboom insignia on the choppers in the distance.

Left to right,
Jerry Milby, Mad Dog 39; Mike Forrester, Mad Dog 16;
and Gerry Bailey, Mad Dog 34 sitting in the BOQ.

Take a look at this wild bunch! Standing, left to right, Cpt. Mike Fitzgerald, CW2 Rowe Haddock and Robin, I mean Cpt. Doug Price, Mad Dog 6. Kneeling in front, left to right, is Cpt. Jack Brayton and CW2 Mike Forrester.