Mr. Felix Bates arrived in Vietnam and was assigned to the 240th Assault Helicopter Company, our fabulous Greyhounds of White Flight as a WO1 in April of 1970. When Mr. Bates made Aircraft Commander, his call sign was Greyhound 13. When he finished that tour of duty with the 240th he extended and was assigned to our fabulous Kennel Keeper Platoon in maintenance and had the call sign, Kennel Keeper 13. To his fellow pilots and his gibs (guys in back) like crew chief Bill Marchetti, Mr. Bates was affectionately known as the Frito Bandido. Mr. Bates left the unit in November of 1971 with the rank of CW2.

Here is Mr. Bates, the copilot, and the aircraft commander, Mr. Dick Ennis, taking a break during a lull in the mission. Looks like Mr. Ennis is really taking a break! Anybody out there know where Mr. Ennis is at today?

Here is the Frito Bandido himself, CW2 Felix Bates.

Here is Sam Lusk on the left and Mr. Chuck Brda on the right, setting off 7.62 rounds as mortars! The men of the 240th never liked a dull moment!

Left to right is Mr. Chuck Brda, Lt. Kam and Custar at Tan An airfield
and the aircraft is 69-15215, Mr. Brda's ship.

Left to right here is Lt. Schmickrath being promoted to captain and Mr. Bates being promoted to CW2. Both Captain Schmickrath, Greyhound 24 and Mr. Bates, Greyhound 13 then Kennel Keeper 13, were in the 240th AHC. The pilot on the end is CW2 Olson and he was in the 222nd CAB.

Here is Greyhound SLICK, 69-15682 which was crewed by Bill Marchetti and which Mr. Bates as assigned as the aircraft commander. Mr. Sirk crashed the ship at Long Thanh South during an in country checkride of WO1 Larry Clark. Bill Marchetti and Mr. Bates and the ship all shined up, they really used the brasso on it to make it sparkle. I bet Billy and Mr. Bates weren't too happy with Mr. Sirk and Mr. Clark! hahaha

This picture was taken at Blackhorse which is south of Xuan Loc. Mr. Bates doesn't remember the AC that day but the copilot was Mr. Seaborn. The ship is Greyhound SLICK, 69-15215. On January 22, 1971, at the age of 23 years old, Mr. Seaborn paid the supreme sacrifice for his country in South Vietnam.
Rest in peace, Sir, you won't be forgotten by your brothers of the 240th AHC.