This Greyhound Went Down To Georgia
Photos and Memories by John Thrift

This is John W. Thrift, Crewchief/Doorgunner for Greyhound 185.
John was crewchief on 185 from 17 February 68 to 15 August 68.
His entire tour with the 240th AHC lasted from September 1967 to September 1968.
John said in this photo above, he has the best 1000 yard stare.

Here's John Thrift and other Greyhound crews
waiting to be called into action at a secure area near Long Binh.
Photo was taken in February of 68.

Here's John Thrift, in civvies, and Greyhound Crew Chief Sherman Lyman, sitting in the AC's seat.
Photo was taken in August of 1968 by a high school friend of John's, Wally Waters.
Wally had just graduated from Metter High School in 1967 and was at Bearcat in the summer of 1968.
Wally had promised to give John a copy of this picture.
Well, 27 years went by and John asked Wally for a copy of this photo in 1995.
Wally promptly gave John Thrift a copy!

John said they wore these red, white and blue neck ties on Special Operations.
John was on stand-by for the mission involving CMOH Recipient,
MSG. Roy P. Benavidez on 2 May 68.
Greyhound 185 was released early that morning for a LRRP and VIP mission.

John is standing in front of his ship, Greyhound 185, at Bearcat.
The first crewchief of this bird was Martin D. Klann and according to John,
Martin was killed in action on 10 January 68 near Dong Tam.
The second crewchief of Greyhound 185 was Frank Reed.
Warner Espig was a gunner on this ship until the 1 June 68.

John is standing in front of Greyhound 66-16630
and he was the gunner on this ship until 17 February 68.
Troy Willis was the first crewchief of this ship and Wayne Gaspar the second.

The photo on the top is Major Glenn Hoffman and John Thrift at the
240th AHC reunion in Dayton, Ohio, August 1999.
Flashback on the bottom,
Major Glenn Hoffman presenting John with the Air Medal, February 1968.
Major Hoffman was the second Greyhound 6
and held command from September 1967 until March 1968.

Thanksgiving Day, Vietnam, 1967