Burn Bad Guys Burn
Photos by Terry Morris

This is a picture of Mad Dog 39er, Lt. Terry Morris, 1968/1969, sitting in the cockpit of a Mad Dog Gunship during a 240th mission taken by his crew chief/doorgunner.

WO1 Terry Morris loading 2.75 inch rockets into a Mad Dog Mini-Gun Gunship. I can't tell for sure but they look like 17# war heads to me.

Another photo of WO1 Terry Morris, Mad Dog 39, checking out the view from the back of his helicopter gunship which had twin 60's mounted! Now that weapon's configuration could put out some fire power!

Mad Dog 39, Terry Morris, is putting a pair of rockets on a bunker complex near Dong Tam. Great photo, as you can see the rockets going in, and in the background the smoke coming from the damaged bunkers from the previous rocket runs. Charlie was looking for a new home that night! Good shooting, 39er!

Mad Dog 39 snapped this photo of then, WO1 Mike Forrester, Mad Dog 16, when they were at Cu Chi which was home to the 25th Infantry, Tropic Lightning.

Wonderful shot, taken by Mad Dog 39er, Lt. Terry Morris, of the Roundtable Flightline, the 240th BOQ and part of the 240th AHC company area on the left. Looks like a couple of Mad Dog Gunships sitting at the Roundtable on standby. The Mad Dogs and Greyhounds would sometimes land at this particular air strip when we were working not too far from Bearcat, this way if they had to scramble it would save time instead of running all the way down to the main flightline.

This is Mad Dog 39er's crew chief and gunner on this particular day and mission. The Mad Dog with no shirt is named Lyman, doorgunner (don't have a first name) and the Mad Dog in full battle gear is crew chief, Jon Jay.

After two tours in Vietnam flying helicopter gunships, Mad Dog 39 was finally home. This photo was taken in 1973 when he was a captain. Check out the "fruit salad" on the left side of his uniform!

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