Hitchin' A Ride,
Photos by Captain Doug Price, Mad Dog 6

Captain Price, Mad Dog 6, standing in front of a Mad Dog mini-gun gunship. I'm not for sure but that might be Robert 'Headhunter' Slater at the left of the picture. I personally flew many missions with Captain Price and he was an exceptional aircraft commander. I'll never forget the time we were flying and had Greyhound 6, Major Lacy, flying as our copilot. Captain Price made a rocket run and when we broke, mud that was around the target we hit actually flew up and hit me in the side of the face! I thought I had been shot! The Mad Dogs were well known for making their rocket runs low. Don James, Hartford 2 Zulu, a Marine Advisor we worked with out of Nha Be, told me one time he heard the Mad Dogs coming in for a landing and when he looked up at this particular Mad Dog gunship making its final approach to Nha Be, there was Captain Price with his head sticking out of the door in order for him to see the runway. The windshield was covered with mud from rocket runs! Don James said he would never forget that sight as long as he lives!

Here's yours truly, Ragman. I had two nicknames in the 240th, "Ragman" given to me by Mad Dog 16, CW2 Mike Forrester and "Doyle," given to me by Mad Dog 6, Captain Price. When I reunited with Captain Price in 1994 for the first time since Vietnam, I asked him why he had given me that name. He replied, "Heck, Doyle, wasn't there a rock band that had that name!" haha I am very proud of both of those nicknames! This photo had to be taken after January 1970, I have Specialist 5 stripes on my sleeves and a rectangular Mad Dog which I believe was the one that was turquoise.

Aircraft Commander, Mad Dog 6, giving the photographer two "one finger" peace signs. This is Mad Dog Gunship 497.
Does anyone know who the copilot is?

Mad Dog 6 with his custom painted chicken plate
down at the flightline at Bearcat.

Here's Captain Price receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross from the 222nd Aviation Battalion Commander. The captain standing to the right of Mad Dog 6 is Captain Mike Fitzgerald, Greyhound Aircraft Commander who flew a lot as Charlie/Charlie.

Captain Price is making a rocket run in this picture. Looks like we were flying around 800 feet altitude while making this run, I bet we all had nose bleeds from flying so high! Just kidding, Sir.

A picture is worth a thousand words, here's mud on the nose of a Mad Dog Gunship where Mad Dog 6, Captain Price, broke low on a rocket run!

Captain Price loading rockets in his gunship at the Tan An airfield.

That's Captain Price, second from the left, does anybody know the names of the other pilots in this picture? Don't forget the sunscreen, Sirs!

The song for this page was put on here for a reason and I thank our webmistress, Ms. Linda Luther, for finding this particular music. On one mission while flying with Captain Price, Mad Dog 6, we were flying along a major highway, don't remember where or the number of the road, but as we were cruising along I happened to look down and couldn't believe what I was seeing. There, going down this highway, were two Vietnamese couples and they were driving in a 60's Ford Thunderbird convertible! I immediately told Captain Price and the whole crew started laughing. Here in the middle of this war are some Vietnamese cruising down the highway in their T-Bird convertible and it brought a little of The World back into our day and we were all wishing we were cruising back home in our cars.