Over The Delta And Far Away
Photos by Mike Forrester

Mike Forrester, Mad Dog 16 and Roger Howell taking a break.
Photo was taken August 23, 1968.

Don't know the name of the gentleman on the left but that is Mike Forrester on the right. Is this the 240th AHC or F Troop?

Mike Forrester with a couple of war trophies.

The calling card of Mad Dog 16, CW2 Mike Forrester.

Sgt. O'Rourke and Corporal Agarn giving the hootch maids their orders for the day. Just kidding, don't know the individual on the left and that is Mike Forrester on the right.

Mad Dog 16 earning his flight pay.

A couple of dapper, young 240th Aviators. Mike Forrester on the left but don't have a name for the pilot on the right.

CW2 Mike Forrester, Mad Dog 16, receiving a write up in one of the newspapers back home. The date of this article was Thursday, August 7, 1969.