I Love A Rainy Monsoon Night
Photos by
Carl LeDoux

Here's Carl LeDoux. Carl got to the 240th AHC in August of 68 and stayed until April of 70. Carl flew as a doorgunner with the Greyhounds and was also a Kennel Keeper. It is guys like Carl that kept the Mad Dogs and Greyhounds in the air! Thanks, Carl, for a job well done.

Carl took this picture of a Mad Dog Gunship shortly after he arrived at the 240th in August of 68. This ship has the pentagon/green stripe tailboom markings when the 240th was still part of the 214th CAB.

Carl took this picture in early 1969. He and another Kennel Keeper, standing on top of the Huey, are working on this Mad Dog Gunship. The 240th AHC had the best Maintenance Platoon in all of South Vietnam.

Carl snapped this photo of a 240th Huey which was sling loaded underneath a CH47 Chinook back to Bearcat. More work for the Kennel Keepers!

Here's a picture of the Unscheduled Maintenance Board. Picture was taken in July of 69. Quite a few Hueys in for combat damage. Looks like 207, 021, 878 and 204 were being worked on. Our Kennel Keepers worked hard and long hours to meet the demand of having available Hueys for the next days mission.

The Greyhounds and Mad Dogs sure kept the Kennel Keepers busy. Look at all the helicopters in for maintenance. To the men of Kennel Keepers, the Greyhounds and Mad Dogs render a salute of respect and admiration!

Carl says he flew with the gentleman in the picture as his doorgunner, and he recalls his last name being Lincoln. If anyone out their recognizes the crew member in back, please drop us some email. He's a good soldier, whoever he is, I see he is reading his army manual.

In addition to playing the 12 string Fender acoustic electric guitar, regular 6 string and writing a script which has the chance of being made into a movie, Carl is still in the flying game. Here he is at the controls of his ultralight. This bird flies at a top speed of 60 mph and will land on anything flat under 60 feet. Carl can land in less than 60 feet of runway, but he likes to carry a little power on his landings and not drop in at or near stall speed.