I'm Just A Soldier Whose Intentions Were Good
Photos by
Jon Jay

Jon Jay served as a Mad Dog crew chief and doorgunner from September of 1968 to September of 1969. After his tour with the 240th, Jon was given the choice of going to Germany and finishing up his time there or come back to Vietnam for 6 months and get an early out. Jon chose to go back to Vietnam and was assigned to the 3/17th CAV and he crewed a Loch for the next 6 months. Here's Jon standing in one of the helicopter revetments just after a mortar/rocket attack on the flightline at Bearcat. Hey, Charlie, you missed again!

Here's Jon Jay with a captured enemy AK-47 war trophy. Looks like the Mad Dogs and Jon Jay didn't miss!

Here's Mad Dog Gunship 028 just after taking off from Bearcat. Jon Jay was the crewchief/doorgunner (inset) and they just cleared the perimeter when they had an engine failure. The pilot autorotated down, great job, but the main rotor hit the tail rotor drive shaft when the chopper hit the ground.

Here's Mad Dog CE/Doorgunner, Jon Jay, 68-69, preparing for a mission. Notice the X markings on the tailboom designating the 240th as being part of the 222nd Aviation Battalion.

This is the type of terrain that the Mad Dogs and Greyhounds encountered when working out of Nha Be in the Rung Sat. The thick foliage along the river bank is called "nippa palm" and Charlie used it very efficiently to camouflage the bunkers they built. Mad Dog Gunship 028, inset, flew many a mission in the Rung Sat.

Here's 3 members of the 240th sharing a Kodak moment around the company area. I believe the last name of the gentleman on the left is Ogden. On the far right is Jerry Zeranick, Jerry attended the 240th Reunion in Dayton, Ohio in August of 1999. If anyone knows the name of the gentleman in the middle or Ogden's first name, please let us know.
Thanks to Jon Jay and Dave DeWitt for giving us the correct names. That is Kenny Odgen on the left and Otis Hilton in the middle.

Jon Jay took this picture of Jerry Zeranick standing by the Mad Dog sign in the company area. Both Jon and Jerry flew in the Mad Dogs in 68 and 69.

Jon Jay took this picture and thinks it is Danny Clark. Here Danny is looking over battle damage from a firefight with the enemy. Danny was later wounded while flying CE/Doorgunner for Mad Dog 16, Mike Forrester and was medevaced back to the States.