Morris Miller served as a doorgunner/ce with the 240th AHC, Mad Dog Gun Platoon, from June 1968 to October 23, 1968. Before serving with the 240th, Morris served as a doorgunner/ce with HHT 3rd Squadron, 17th Air Calvary "Redhorse" from the Fall of 1966 to May of 1968. We thank Morris for sending the following pictures for use on 240th AHC Flightline.

Here is Morris' Mad Dog Gunship parked at a revetment when they were living at Tay Ninh. You can see Nui Ba Dinh in the background, which was NE of Tay Ninh, and the tent for the doorgunners and crew chiefs was just to the right of this photo.

Here's a photo taken of Morris Miller standing in front of one of the Mad Dog Gunships. The picture was taken at Tay Ninh (East) in late August or September 1968. Notice this day that Morris was wearing his Nomex Flight Suit.

Here's a picture of Morris' Mad Dog Gunship sitting in a revetment at Tay Ninh. Those are two Cambodian mercenaries sitting in the pilot's seats and after this photo was taken, they took Morris into Tay Ninh City to buy him lunch. Looks like this Mad Dog Gunship also had some "flower power."

This is a photo of Mad Dog 6, taken by Morris about August of 1968. At this time, this particular Mad Dog 6 didn't have too much time left in country. Morris doesn't remember his name and is hoping someone can help us with his identity and possibly locate him. Morris enjoyed flying with this particular pilot and remembered he liked to fly at higher altitudes enroute to the AO, out of small arms range! Then he liked being on the deck to "mix it up" with Charlie!

Here's Morris Miller taking it easy in the company area. These moments didn't come to often, so you had to enjoy them when you could.

Here's Morris standing in front of the Mad Dog sign at Bearcat. This photo was taken just hours before Morris DROSed back to "The World!"
Talk about being short!!!