I think it probably was around 1999 when I met Rob Cobley online and he had offered to send me an audio tape of the 240th that he had received from a Vietnam Veteran in the States. I told Rob that I had the tape he was speaking of and that led to a friendship and closeness that spans the Atlantic. Rob and his family just have unbridled love and spirit for America's Vietnam Veterans with a very, very special place in their hearts for the men of the 240th Assault Helicopter Company. When the reunion was held at LZ Dothan, Alabama in 2002, Rob and his family timed their holiday around the reunion so they could attend. In the meantime, a museum has opened up in Rob's hometown in England, Bristol, and he has worked long and diligently to make sure the 240th has their history featured with a dominant display. Rob has received memorabilia and pictures from some 240th members, we will be showing the names of the contributors, and I wanted this new website to recognize Rob Cobley for what he has done for the 240th and the love and admiration he has for the Greyhounds, Mad Dogs and Kennel Keepers. Flight Operations is the third segment of the 240th websites, LZ and Flightline, and with the fantastic help and assistance of the 240th members and their families, Flight Operations will become what these same people have made LZ and Flightline, a place for healing, reflection, pride and honor. I will still be adding items to LZ and Flightline but felt the need to develop Flight Operations because of all the material on the other two websites. As always, a special thank you and appreciation to Ms. Linda Luther, webmistress of LZ and Flightline, as she has VOLUNTEERED to administer Flight Operations, too! Linda has been such an asset with LZ and Flightline and her skills as a webmistress are second-to-none! No matter what I request of her for the 240th websites she never fails to deliver. Any suggestions, ideas and/or material from 240th members will be welcome as it is your participation that made LZ and Flightline what they are today.

Welcome Home And Thank You,
Joe 'Ragman' Tarnovsky

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