Mad Dog Gunship 028
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A Vietnam War Hero has been formally recognized and will be available for future generations to view and pay homage to in the City of Long Beach, California. This particular Hero is an Old War Horse, a Charlie Model Gunship UH-1C Huey, and she flew with 3/17 Cav and the 240th Assault Helicopter Company, Mad Dog Gun Platoon. Her tail number is 66-15028 and she was purchased by the United States Army in February of 1967 and flew with Troop A, 3/17 Cav from 12/12/1967 until 2/2/1968. In March of 1968 until July of 1968, 028 flew with Headquarters Troop, 3/17 Cav. From August of 1968 up to July of 1970, except for a brief period from January 1969 to March of 1969 with the 56th Transportation Company, 028 flew with The World's Famous Mad Dogs of the 240th Assault Helicopter Company out of Bearcat, Republic of South Vietnam. Our very special thanks to Mike Oravetz for the latest pictures of 66-15028 at her final resting place in Long Beach, California and for Mike's hard work and all the other people responsible to see that this Huey War Bird was preserved for future generations to learn about what the Huey Helicopter and the crews that flew them contributed to our noble cause and selfless sacrifices in trying to bring freedom to the people of South Vietnam. The memorial is located at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Harding Street in North Long Beach, California after 5 years of hard and backbreaking work. Phase 2 of the memorial will now begin and Mike Oravetz will continue to keep us updated on the progress of this worthwhile project and labor of love. Thanks again, Mike, and the men of the 3/17 Cav and the 240th Assault Helicopter Company render a salute of respect, admiration and appreciation to you and all the people involved with this worthwhile undertaking! If you care to email Mike Oravetz personally to thank him and the others for their dedicated efforts, he can be reached at:

This is a picture of Joe 'Ragman' Tarnovsky standing next to Mad Dog Minigun Gunship, 66-15028 sometime between September of 1969 and July of 1970. Ragman served with the 240th AHC from July 1969 until October 1970, all but 3 weeks in the Mad Dog Gunship Platoon. A picture of 028 shortly after it went down right outside of Bearcat can be seen on this same website and is on the page, "I'm Just A Soldier Whose Intentions Were Good" photos by Jon Jay.

Jon contributed some new photos that can be viewed at the following page.

Mad Dog Gunship 028
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